Protospiel Game Design Contest
Sponsored By
Alliance Game Distributors
Delano Services

To enter you must register at PyroMyth Games by Oct 15th 2010, paying a $5 entrance fee to help defer the cost of running the contest. Entrants will also have the option during registration to pre-order a copy of the winning game at a discount. Failure to submit an entry will cancel the pre-order. After payment you will be e-mailed full instructions on where and how to send your first submission. If you wish to submit more than one game you must register for each game you wish to submit. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

Participants must design a card game with the following restrictions
 Deck must be comprised of 110 cards. Cards may be used in play, play aids, score sheets etc.
 Playable by 2 players, may play with more or less
 Rules not to exceed 5000 characters in length and 4 pages including diagrams. Rules must be written in English, clearly understandable, and in letter format.
 Play length 1 hour or less
 No offensive, excessively violent, or sexual content.

The game must only be comprised of cards with the exception of score sheets, common 6-sided dice, or tokens, to be supplied by the players. Excessive amounts of allowed items may disqualify the submission at the judge’s discretion.

The game submitted will first be reviewed to make sure it meets the posted guidelines. Those that don’t will be eliminated with no refund of entry fee. Those that pass muster will go on to be judged.
The game must be the sole property of the entrant/entrants and not offered to any other entity during the period of the contest.

The winning game will be produced in a highly limited edition of, 500 copies. The winner will receive 24 copies of the game valued at $20 US SRP as full payment*, a free weekend pass to the Protospiel 2012 conference, and a certificate of design achievement. These or any further compensation are non-transferable. ElfinWerks will hold the rights to the winning game for 24 months to give our development team time to prepare and bring it to market.

*For entries by multiple designers the prize copies will be sent to the designer that registered and division of these copies to their co-designers will be their responsibility. Each designer will receive the free pass and certificate.

The remaining copies will be sold through traditional retail channels with proceeds going to support future Protospiel activates.

The first submission will be in PDF format, which includes a set of rules and image files for all cards due by Oct 30th 2010. These files should be absent of any mention of the author’s identity. Instead an account number will identify Entrants, which will not be privy to the judges.

Round 1 – All eligible entries will be judges on two factors and ranked.
1. Are the rules well written? (Easy to understand, well organized, concise)
2. Is that game compelling? (How much do they want to play the game based on reading the rules and viewing the cards)
Judges reserve the right to eliminate any entry they feel is not fit for the competition without explanation. The top 10 entries will advance to round 2. Those advancing will be notified no later than Dec 31 2010.

Round 2 – Entrants will be and asked to send three playable prototypes by Feb 1st, 2011. Prototypes will not be returned. We suggest using card sleeves as they require the least amount of effort, come in many styles, and can be purchased in bulk at reasonable cost. An example of how this is done can be found at the Board Game Designers Forum.
We understand that you want to put your best foot forward. Round 2 submissions may have changes to them as long as those changes are clearly noted.
The judges will play and score each game based on the following criteria.
Judging criteria Potential value
Enjoyment 0-10 pts
Easy of play 0-5
Originality 0-5

The four highest scoring will be advance to final judging. Finalists will be announced by May 1st 2011.
The final judging will take place at Protospiel 2011, with attendants that wish to participate playing the 4 finalists and ranking them. This ranking will be weighed in with the judge’s score to determine the winner.
The winner will be announced at Protospiel 2011 and publicly shortly after the event.

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